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lynx-dev Lynx-Dev on autopilot from November 17th through 19th

From: Bob Izenberg
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx-Dev on autopilot from November 17th through 19th
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 17:08:35 -0600

        I'll be away from the Lynx-Dev (and ListElves) moderator's chair
from November 17th through 19th.  Posting from e-mail addresses
that are not subscribed to the list will wait for posting
approval until I return.  If you have any critical posts that you
need to make from an unsubscribed address, please consider
subscribing to the write-only Lynx-Dev-Contrib list, which can be
reached by sending a message to address@hidden with the next
two non-blank lines as the first lines in the body of your

subscribe lynx-dev-contrib

or, if you wish to specify the address to be added to the
contributors' list, send this in your message instead:

subscribe lynx-dev-contrib UNSUBSCRIBED_ADDRESS

Don't forget to change UNSUBSCRIBED_ADDRESS to, you guessed it,
the e-mail address from which you post that is not subscribed to
the list.  It is not necessary to subscribe the address at which
you receive Lynx-Dev messages to the Lynx-Dev-Contrib list.  The
Lynx-Dev-Contrib list does not have any messages posted to it.
Questions?  Please reply to me off-line from the list at
address@hidden .

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e-mail: bizenberg @
fax: +1 (512) 306-0702
voice: +1 (512) 306-0700

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