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lynx-dev (patch 2) lynxcgi documentation

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev (patch 2) lynxcgi documentation
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 05:19:48 -0500 (EST)

991108 Klaus Weide suggested jots & tittles for my previous patch:

--- old/lynx_url_support.html   Mon Nov  8 02:53:54 1999
+++ new/lynx_url_support.html   Mon Nov  8 05:08:13 1999
@@ -566,10 +566,13 @@
-where <em>//localhost/</em> is optional and always implied.
-The output of the script should be text/html and is rendered and displayed
-by Lynx. (Note that restrictions on acceptable paths can be imposed
-by the system administrator.)
+where <em>//localhost</em> is optional and always implied;
+the full path should be specified, as `~' is not recognised;
+if the script is in the directory Lynx was started from,
+the simple file name is adequate.  The output of the script
+should be text/html and is rendered and displayed by Lynx.
+Restrictions on use of lynxcgi and on acceptable paths can be imposed
+in <em>userdefs.h</em> and <em>lynx.cfg</em>, qv.
 <p>This is a Lynxism and should be used only in local documents intended
 solely for Lynx, or for limited local testing of CGI scripts without an

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