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lynx-dev Re: cursor option with lynx for deaf blind

From: Al Gilman
Subject: lynx-dev Re: cursor option with lynx for deaf blind
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 18:32:03 -0600

At 11:26 PM 11/1/99 +0100, Antonio Bianchi wrote:
>I send this answer to you hoping that I don't disturb you too much and that
>you can give me some advice.
>I wanted to help a deaf-blind women to navigate web pages and lynx browser
>seemed the best solution. But the braille display is binded to the cursor
>and so even using the SHOW_CURSOR option we are able only to follow text
>that refers to links, not normal text. My question is this: how can we
>allow this women to read even normal text? Are there any other options I
>haven't seen or it is necessary to modify the source and recompile the
>application, customizing for her?

You probably don't have to change the Lynx code.

You probably do need to understand how to use her Braille software better
than you do now.  

For the Lynx developers to help, they would need to know what the Braille
screen reader looks for on the screen, and what precise software is
controlling the screen.  

But I think that the most productive thing for you to do is to connect with
the customer support personnel of the manufacturer of the Braille screen
reader, or some other users of the same software package.  They can
probably tell you how to use the screen reader to read the full screen
instead of just the highlighted text.  Many screen readers have both modes
of operation and the user commands for these modes are different for
different screen readers.

That's all I know at the moment.  I am not an expert.  There are experts
listening on lynx-dev so if you can't find a helpdesk or users' group for
the screen reader go ahead and write again, but this time to
<address@hidden>, with precise make and model of the screen reader
software and exactly what version of Lynx you are using.  If she is using a
modem program such as COMMO to access Lynx on a remote computer, it will be
necessary to identify that software as well.  

Best of luck.  Keep trying, it will be worth it when you solve the puzzle.


>Thans for your time and for your work with lynx.
>Antonio Bianchi

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