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Re: lynx-dev special characters

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev special characters
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 13:04:06 +0300 (MSK)

31-Oct-99 22:51 Adalbert Goertz wrote:
> hi:

> re: Foreign characters in LYNX.

> Can someone direct me to the conversion table that are used
> in translating special characters like German umlaute etc.
> to their LYNX equivalents?
> What is the reasoning of defining LYNX equivalents?
> If I had the choice, I would define for German umlaute
> A" to [
> O" to \
> U" to ]
> a" to {
> o" to |
> u" to }
> The reasoning for this is thus:
> I can easily find and replace these 6 symbols into umlaut symbols
> on my Apple computer.

1) I see no reason why you are not using a proper display/keyboard codepage
which will support German umlauts directly (such as iso-8859-1 or so,
set "display character set" in lynx O)ptions menu according your fonts

2) "LYNX equivalents" introduced for characters which are not available
in your current display font, to make them more-or-less readable by human.
The conversion tables mostly in src/chrtrans/def7_uni.tbl file of the lynx
source tree, see other files in that directory also.

3) There was an idea to have a "relaxed" search rules in lynx
so differently accented letters will be matched by their 7bit "equivalents"
for those who have no proper keyboard installed.
This code in src/LYStrings.c near the bottom (search for UPPER8 function)
and currently disabled with #ifdef NOTUSED symbol because of no user requests
in this area by now.

> The way thing are today, the present LYNX equivalents cannot all
> be found and replaced with UNIQUE equivalents since they partly also
> represent other letters in use like D, d etc. (which look awful anyway).

> I also have other special character ideas which you may see on my
> website

>>>     We need better special character handling on the web
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> ---  retired in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Karl May country)  ---
>  Special HTML-characters CAN be handled userfriendly. See me at

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