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lynx-dev special characters

From: Adalbert Goertz
Subject: lynx-dev special characters
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 22:51:08 GMT

re: Foreign characters in LYNX. 
Can someone direct me to the conversion table that are used 
in translating special characters like German umlaute etc. 
to their LYNX equivalents? 
What is the reasoning of defining LYNX equivalents? 
If I had the choice, I would define for German umlaute 
A" to [ 
O" to \ 
U" to ] 
a" to { 
o" to | 
u" to } 
The reasoning for this is thus: 
I can easily find and replace these 6 symbols into umlaut symbols 
on my Apple computer. 
The way thing are today, the present LYNX equivalents cannot all  
be found and replaced with UNIQUE equivalents since they partly also 
represent other letters in use like D, d etc. (which look awful anyway). 
I also have other special character ideas which you may see on my  
>>     We need better special character handling on the web 
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