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Re: lynx-dev ^L in popup corrupts screen (w/ ncurses)

From: Ismael Cordeiro
Subject: Re: lynx-dev ^L in popup corrupts screen (w/ ncurses)
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 17:57:16 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, Klaus Weide wrote:

> > > Or, to ask differently, why do you insist on calling it a VT100 when it
> > > isn't?
> > 
> > I don't call it anything. The authors of very widely used terminal
> > emulators decided to include color capability in their vt100/vt102
> > emulations, just that. Programs like ProcommPlus, Telix and Telemate for
> > MS-DOS, and Desterm, Novaterm and ACEterm for the Commodore 64/128.
> And they don't force you to keep TERM set to their default value of "vt100"
> which improperly describes the emulator's capabilities.
> > > Well, I have no problem with *that* part of lynx-with-ncurses.
> > 
> > And I presume you're using real terminals, not "fake" ones as I am...
> I *do* use an enhanced vt100 emulation, all the time.  I just don't call it
> TERM=vt100 (except sometimes for testing, or for some remote logins) since
> it has more capabilities, I call it TERM=linux.

OK, Klaus, you won. I recompiled lynx2.8.3dev.13  with ncurses-5.0,
replicated the vt100 entry in my .termcap file, calling it "desterm", and set
TERM to "desterm". Here are my first comments:

- I got colors! It seems that vt100 capabilities, or some of them, are
hardcoded in ncurses and that ncurses was not reading my .termcap file. Now
it is reading the "desterm" capabilities, including the color ones.

- For the first time ever with lynx compiled with ncurses I have the numeric
keypad correctly working in NUMBERS_AS_ARROWS mode. Among other things,
"begining of document" was 1 and "end of document" was 0 when I used lynx-nc
(lynx+ncurses) and had TERM set to vt100. Now it's the corret 7 and 1 keys,
respectively. All other keys also work correctly. Notice that the "desterm"
entry in my .termcap is exactly the same as the "vt100" entry and that the
TERMCAP variable is set to "/home/ismael/.termcap". Some more hardcoded
things in ncurses?

- Still about the numeric keypad, when I set TERM to "desterm" and use
lynx-sl (lynx+slang) the keys on the numeric keypad don't work in

- I'm getting pop menus with boxes formed with "+", "|" and "-" instead of
the ISO 8859-1 8-bit characters I have with lynx-sl.

- Yes, if I open a popup menu and do a ^L the screen gets corrupted.

- I have "COLOR:4:green:black" [4 - underline - text emphasis (EM, I, B tags
etc.)] but lynx-nc is displaying the tags in green _and_ underline instead of
just green.

- No matter the color, bright or non-bright, I use for the foreground in
"COLOR:1" [1 - bold - hyperlinks] lynx-nc displays it bright.

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