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Re: lynx-dev [PATCH] misc [VH] changes

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev [PATCH] misc [VH] changes
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 10:04:31 -0500 (CDT)

[ I have not tried the patches yet, just some comments ]

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Vlad Harchev wrote:

> * Old psrcview bug fixed  - markup was unbalanced in some situations

Does it solve the following problem?

some text
some text
some text
some text

Note how the first UNKNOWN tag with an attribute screws up the
rendering of text and tags that follow.  This probably only appears
*without* color style (please check).

It goes away when I change some of the HTMLSRC_* rules:

If that problem remains, the defaults should change (to the above
unless you have something better) so that at least it doesn't appear
by default.

> * Content of SAMP tag made justificable
(I don't think that's a word. :)) ^
> * Implemented HTStyleChange pooling - sizeof(HTStyleChange) is 4 times smaller
>     than before, and only necessary number of stylechanges is allocated now, 
>     instead of some constant (1024 by default).

Comments in your code suggest this could be used for other things.
If so that's great, code reuse is a good thing...  I couldn't see
easily how and for what, though.  Maybe you could add some more
comments.  Specifically, what is a "pool" (in the sense of your
code)?  Someone who doesn't know that (like me) may reinvent the
wheel later, which could be avoided.

> * Functionality of dont-wrap-pre improved and extened. Now it's possible to 
(typo)                                               ^
>     avoid wrapping the document being dumped completely (size of the 
> non-wrapped
>     line before the patch was limited by MAX_LINE = 1024 by default). 
> Specifying
>     -dont-wrap-pre with interactive session enables wrapped lines (in PRE) to
>     be marked as in source view - with '+' in normal view.
> * Functionality of -force-empty-hrefless-a was cleaned up, 
>     #ifndefs NO_EMPTY_HREFLESS_A and endif's were removed.
> * Colorstyle changes are not emitted in HTML_end_element if me->skip_stack 
> was 
>     >0 on entry to this function. This caused some glitches if
>     -force-empty-hrefless-a was enabled.

Not just when -force-empty-hrefless-a was enabled, if I understand
right.  It was a more general problem with tagsoup recovery.  Your
description makes it look like the change is only relevant for
'-force-empty-hrefless-a' users which isn't true.

> * LYPrettySrc.c was slightly cleaned up, added support for lynx.cfg reloading,
>     memory deallocation
> * Possible bug in print_wwwfile_to_fd fixed - when quoting the page, seems 
> that
>   several '>' could be emitted on the long line formed by concatenating ilnes 
>   with LY_SOFT_NEWLINEs at the begining of them.

See how it's growing and becoming less readable?  I think you said it
wouldn't, in connection with OUTGOING_MAIL_CHARSET discussion with Leonid.

>  General notes:
> * This patch is designed to be applied after all 4 current Klaus' patches.
> * Users that use lss-enabled lynx should consider on upgrading the lynx - at 
>  least those who use lynx for viewing huge files. By default, each line on 
> the 
>  screen took 1K for colorstyles (on x86). With new approach colorstyle changes
>  take 24 bytes (on x86) per line in average document. Old lynx with 900K html 
>  file loaded as startfile occupied 30M of virtual memory, lynx with patch 
>  applied occupied 5 Mb on the same file. Old code is still accessible by 
>  defining OLD_STYLECHANGE.

So if this works without problems, the OLD_STYLECHANGE variant and symbol
should be removed.

> * I spent 4 hours debugging attempting to write/fix code that cleans up the 
>  memory allocated in LYPrettySrc.c, but Lynx.leaks shows that I didn't 
>  succeeded. I fear that leak detection stuff is broken - I checked/traced the 
>  code very carefully several times. 

I doubt that it is broken.  I will check eventually (may take some time).

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