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Re: lynx-dev nothing changes/no way to save changes on O)ption page

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev nothing changes/no way to save changes on O)ption page
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 11:02:37 +0900 (JST)

> Let me guess: you are using
>   --disable-menu-options  disable old-style option menu
> It's not your fault lynx behaves wrong with that...

Good; I thought so, but didn't have time to debug it.  (Easier to hand
edit .lynxrc for a quick fix.)

> Could someone please fix the illogical definition of LYUseFormsOptions.

Not just fix, could things be simplified greatly?  Right now there is an
attempt to allow three compile-time options: old-menu only, forms-menu only,
or both.  On top of that, there is the FORMS_OPTIONS toggle in lynx.cfg,
which is applicable if the third, "both," compile-time option was selected.

I know I will get bashed for saying this, but I will anyway :).  This kind
of "fraternizing" all schools of thought is going too far.  All that is
necessary is one, either-or, configure option/compile switch.  Because forms
handling has been MUCH improved since earlier Lynxes, I sincerely believe
the forms method is easier for newbies.  For this reason I recommend that
the default be forms options enabled.  Still, the old-options IS faster,
and IMO is also preferred for public-access (anonymous) use.  In most
cases, old-options users will tend to be the more experienced, and it will
not be difficult for them to add a "--disable-" or "--without-" option.

> Not directly related, but it makes me wonder:  Can both of
>   --disable-forms-options disable experimental forms-based options
>   --disable-menu-options  disable old-style option menu
> be used together?

So, although it may go against what I said a year or so ago when forms
options was first introduced (and still experimental, IMO), let's do away
entirely with --(en|dis)able-menu-options and the toggle in lynx.cfg, and
keep only the option to, by default, enable forms-options AND disable menu-
options, OR disable forms-options AND enable menu-options.

The only disadvantage is that a *handful* of people will be stuck with
forms when they want the _old_, _no-longer-supported_ menu.  I sympathize,
but these people still have some options like compiling their own or
going to another ISP.  (The argument, which I myself used to take, for
having one binary for both trusted users and public-access users is no
longer valid.  If you wish to argue differently, AND are actively providing
a public-access, "anonymous" Lynx, I urge you to contact me off the list.)


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