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lynx-dev Scripting LYNX to follow links

From: Jeff Haferman
Subject: lynx-dev Scripting LYNX to follow links
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:59:52 -0700 (PDT)

I am trying to automate web queries, and thought that lynx may be the
vehicle to use.  I want to be able to move about an HTML document and
follow links of my choosing, per a script, and print pages to files.
In particular, I need to go to

and then interactively command

       (20 tabs)

to go to a specific link, bring that page up, and print it to the
default file name and quit.  

However, if I try to do this non-interactively, whether with a
"here" document, redirection of STDIN from a file, or using the
"-get_data" command line option with a file with the commands and
a terminating "---" line, I never get off the home page nor is the
print command executed.

Is lynx capable of what I am attempting?  (I am using lynx v2.8rel2 for
UNIX).  If so, how do I do it?  Otherwise, can you suggest a more
appropriate tool?  I'm fairly new at this, so I might need a few


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