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lynx-dev Lynx and crontab

From: T Koyn
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx and crontab
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 14:18:37 -0500 (CDT)

I was trying to run lynx for Unix off of a crontab to capture a file with
-source or -dump option on a regular bases.  From the crontab, I get the
error that it is unable to access the start file, but from the unix
command line, the command I had in the crontab works fine.

What must be configured in lynx to allow it to be used from a crontab in 
this version of Unix?

FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE (USERS) #3: Tue Jun 15 01:01:09 GMT 1999

Thanks for any info.


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