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Re: lynx-dev dev.13 progress...

From: Hiroyuki Senshu
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dev.13 progress...
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 10:09:16 +0900

It appreciates an immediate answer.

Well, details are shown in the following though
it is the problem which I pointed out.

|  English-texts
|  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

|  Japanese-texts
|  ~~~~~~

'~~~~' means anchor's emphasis in this figure.

It is thinking about this problem by either one of
the next modification influencing it.

1999-10-21 (2.8.3dev.13)
* modified the way link text is (re-)drawn by function highlight.  The bulk of
  processing now happens in new function LYMoveToLink.  The data of the
  containing line is now scanned from the beginning, using the same logic as in
  display_line to make sure that lynx and the display library have the same
  idea of where in the line the link starts.  In UTF-8 output mode, parts of
  the line preceding the link are also repainted if this is necessary. 
  Refreshing of the physical line is forced if necessary in UTF-8 mode.  For
  anchors split across lines, the new approach is currently only used for the
  first line.
  This change is not in effect for lynx with color style.  In that case
  highlighting already is sometimes done in a similar similar, but not quite
  the same, separate function.

* modified WHEREIS target highlighting for hypertext links.  Now this is done
  in the same pass as drawing the normal link text, in LYMoveToLink.  This
  avoids problems in UTF-8 display mode.  It also avoids a lot of complicated
  and extremely hard to understand older code in highlight(), but that code is
  still there for use by lynx with color style and for other remaining cases
  (non-hypertext anchors, second line highlighting).

* modified WHEREIS target highlighting for general text.  Instead of first
  writing each line's characters in display_line, then scanning again through
  the line's data for portions to highlight and repainting those parts after in
  display_page, this is now done in one pass within display_line.  However,
  this isn't (yet?) done for lynx with color style which still uses the old

* these last three changes reduce problems that occur when using UTF-8 display
  character set (in an appropriate terminal environment that understands it, of
  course).  Most of them don't apply with color style lynx, so it continues to
  have more UTF-8 problems.  Pages with mostly ASCII characters should be more
  or less ok.  Problems that otherwise are not visible become apparent in
  search higlighting, and after ^Z / fg.

* GridText.c:  More changes to deal with problems caused by using UTF-8 output
  with a display library that isn't aware of it.  Break line with UTF-8 before
  curses does it.  This causes lines that are too short, effectively the
  rightmost part of a line cannot be used if there are UTF-8 encoded
  characters.  The alternative, letting curses wrap the line when it thinks it
  got too long, is worse, so do it in lynx code instead.

* avoid memory overrun for very long lines in UTF-8 mode.  Avoid splitting line
  in the middle of a mutibyte UTF-8 character.

Klaus Weide wrote:
>On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Hiroyuki Senshu wrote:
>> Hello, lynx-dev.
>> I tried dev.12c on Win32.
>> But, the emphasis indication of the anchor part isn't correct with dev.12c. 
>> (Only a part becomes emphasis indication.)
>> It seems to be the problem that it happens only
>> at the time as indication of Japanese.
>Please let us know, with concrete examples.
>But I cannot read Japanese and don't have any CJK fonts installed,
>so to make me understand you would have to describe the bad effect
>in much detail.
>I would also like to hear from any users of CJK display character
>sets for whom the new code *does* work right.
>It could be that there are some problems that only exist for one
>or more of
>    #define CJK_EX      .... CJK EXtension
>    #define SH_EX       .... Senshu Hiroyuki EXtension
>    #define WIN_EX      .... Windows EXtension
>   Klaus



Add the following modification to the next edition.

diff -ur lynx283.d13/makefile.bcb lynx283.w32/makefile.bcb
--- lynx283.d13/makefile.bcb    Fri Oct 22 08:09:18 1999
+++ lynx283.w32/makefile.bcb    Thu Oct 21 17:03:14 1999
@@ -575,6 +575,11 @@
 $(OBJ)/LYUpload.obj :  src/LYUpload.c
   $(BCC32) -P- -c @&&|
  $(CEAT_lynxdexe) $(CC_FLAGS) -o$@ src/LYUpload.c
+$(OBJ)/TRSTable.obj :  src/TRSTable.c
+  $(BCC32) -P- -c @&&|
+ $(CEAT_lynxdexe) $(CC_FLAGS) -o$@ src/TRSTable.c
 $(OBJ)/lyutils.obj :  src/lyutils.c

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