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lynx-dev Problems of DOS port (dev12)

From: Harri Tuominen
Subject: lynx-dev Problems of DOS port (dev12)
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 01:28:51 +0300


I downloaded dev12 from Doug Kaufman's site and noticed two problems.

When I use Lynx it occasionally gives a few error messages. When this
happens, the only chance is to press control-break and interrupt the
Lynx session. The message was something like this:
Pcpkt.c (1152): pkt_inf == NUL

I use a Braille display, so I'm not entirely sure about the exact
numerical values (numbers always start jumping up and down when this
message appears).

I haven't changed wattcp.cfg after dev8, which was working very well.

Another problem is that sending mail doesn't work via print menu. It was
OK in dev8. Lynx doesn't call sendmail.bat at all in the dev12 if I try
to send mail through print menu.

Mailto URLs work as before. I use my traditional sendmail.bat
(sendmail.old) without problems with dev8 and earlier versions.


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