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Re: lynx-dev Re: casts

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: casts
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 22:07:35 -0400 (EDT)

> On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 09:12:16AM -0500, Klaus Weide wrote: 
> > On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Webmaster Jim wrote: 
> > I wish you could have "just ignored the messages" from that Borland 
> > compiler, or found a switch to turn them off... 
> Sorry, I sometimes assume compiler authors know more than I do :-) 

not always (but I give them the benefit of the doubt - besides they get the
last word)
> > There doesn't seem a point to most of those warnings you are trying 
> > to suppress.  Or if there is, then maybe it should be fixed in the 
> > header files (e.g., what is BOOL?). 
> I'd certainly agree to fixing the source of the warnings in a more 
> logical fashion.  "BOOL" is short for BOOLEAN; why have both? 
> Why not just use TRUE/FALSE? I have no idea... 
> This could be wiped out of HTUtils.h, leaving just BOOLEAN: 
> #ifndef BOOL 
> #define BOOL BOOLEAN 
> #endif 

it's two types because (like X windows) the code is nominally using default
type promotion in case someone overlooks a prototype.  The int is used in
function arguments, and the char in data.
Thomas E. Dickey

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