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Re: lynx-dev "sticky" things

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev "sticky" things
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 15:55:04 +0900 (JST)

> > > >
> > > >  If value is NEVER, PREV_DOC_QUERY will be never asked,
> > > >            IFEDITED - old behaviour
> > > >              ALWAYS - ask always.
> I have an addition to propose:  IF_NOT_EMPTY.
> If the field is completely empty, the Left Arrow keystroke was most likely

Will this change then do away with, i.e., supersede, *both* #STICKY_INPUTS
and #STICKY_FIELDS?  It was never clear to me what either of the STICKY_*
defines were doing or if they interacted with each other, so I just didn't
put them into my lynx.cfg, praying that the compiled default was the same
as always.  If it will combine them and clear up the meaning at the same
time, I really hope you'll consider spending some time on it, Vlad.

> > name I suggested -  CONFIRM_LEAVE_DOC_IN_TEXTFIELD - to be more descriptive
> I strongly prefer *_PREV_DOC_* over *_LEAVE_DOC_*.  Or propose to
> rename the PREV_DOC key to the LEAVE_DOC key, too.

LEAVE_DOC has a definite advantage of describing the _action_.  To get the
same using PREV_DOC, you'd have to do something like: RETURN_PREV_DOC or
GOBACK_PREV_DOC, both of which are descriptive, but rather long.

2 cents (since the whole thread really has to do with habit more than
meaning).  Win32 users and new users probably would find the use of the
arrow key as a cursor movement key much more intuitive.  People like me
who have to use half a dozen terminal emulators shy away from using arrow
keys altogether since the codes they issue vary so much.


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