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Re: lynx-dev [PATCH] install-help on OS/2

From: Larry W. Virden
Subject: Re: lynx-dev [PATCH] install-help on OS/2
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 11:46:16 -0400 (EDT)

$ /bin/sh
lwv26awu (!) $ case "/tmp" in
> /[a-zA-Z]* ) echo "Found" ;;
> * ) echo "Not found" ;;
> esac

I don't remember a time when I couldn't use regular expressions like
this in a bourne shell - been writing bourne shells since ... umm ...
1979 or so.  No, granted, I don't recall ever shell written over that
time, but I don't recall having problems in this area.  But then, I'm
old and the memory is going <grin>...
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