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Re: lynx-dev Help (fwd)

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Help (fwd)
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 23:08:20 +0100 (BST)

> >  I have Linux of RedHat 5.2. I want to install 
> > LYNX-2.8.2 due to SSL support. 

> >  So, can u give me a site/ftp address from where i can 
> > get *binariy files* of LYNX-2.8.2 or *RPM* format file 
> > (pkg) of same. 

As I don't believe the software patents on RSA are valid in India (yet)
that poses an interesting problem.  You cannot get a binary from the USA,
because, in spite of relaxations in the laws recently, it would still be
an illegal arms export++.  People cannot supply other people in the USA
with binaries, because that would be in breach of the licence (because
some people in the USA would have to pay royalties on the RSA component).

My belief is that, unless and until *all* the authors of Lynx invoke
clause 8 of the GPL, it would be illegal to supply binaries from countries
that don't honour the RSA patent, however others might argue that only
the person who integrates RSA needs to invoke clause 8.  (Clause 8 allows
a GPL licence to introduce distribution restrictions by barring specified
countries; in this case it would have to bar distribution to at least the
USA - which might be a problem in getting Red Hat to adopt the package, as
they would have to exclude it from CDs shipped to the USA.)

gcc really isn't that big, and running Linux without it is failing to
really follow the spirit of Linux.  If you have a CD drive, you can even
run it from binaries on a CD.

++ This part of the problem probably applies even in countries where
people don't realise there is a problem; Australia seems to be safe.

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