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RE: lynx-dev LYLoadCGI

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: RE: lynx-dev LYLoadCGI
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:57:21 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Stewart, Larry G wrote:

> Klaus,
> Thankyou for your response. 
> The Lynx softare is part of some embedded software I am upgrading. Can you
> tell me what the (**)
> Lynx code below does? I take it these call HTLoad. 
> Thanks,
> Larry

Let's keep this on the lynx-dev list (cc'd); also check the current 
list archive at <> for
other responses, if you are not subscribed.

The lynxcgi scheme is briefly described in the online help, under
Supported URLs (lynx_url_support.html).  If you don't have some
moderately recent version of the help files available (you should),
look at

Basically it simulates a CGI environment.  The executables should
find themselves in the same environment (well, most of it) that
they would have in a "real"  CGI environment, i.e. (typical URL)

If you already know all that - well your question isn't very specific...
I can help you better if you tell us more about what your problem is.

Do you wish to customize the Lynx code, or are you just trying to
understand how to communicate with those .exe's?  First I thought
it's the first, but now I don't know.  Or are you porting lynx to
a new platform?

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---
> <body bgcolor="#ffffff">
> <BR><BR>
> <A HREF="lynxcgi://localhost/.\cfg.exe">RECONFIGURE IOP
> SUBSYSTEM</A><br>(**)
> <form action="lynxcgi://localhost/.\bootdlg.exe" METHOD=POST>(**)
> <BR>
> <input type=submit value="EXIT AND REBOOT" name=exit><BR>(**)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well, pressing Enter on that <A> link should run ".\cfg.exe",
and expects cfg.exe's stdout output to be in CGI form i.e.
preceded by CGI/HTTP header line(s).  Submitting that form should
run ".\bootdlg.exe" and feed it something on stdin, then read
output as above.

But you are using DOS/Windows filenames, and I don't know that the
lynxcgi stuff has actually been made to work on those platforms.  It
might work under some Unix-like environment, like with cygwin
libraries.  Obviously you need at least fork() and pipe().  Even then
it is unclear how the path in those URLs would be interpreted, what
with using backslashes and a directory relative to ".".  There are
lots of tweaks in later lynx versions to get DOS-ish paths to work
that aren't in 2-6.

If this doesn't help, let us know where you are, and where you want to
get from there, otherwise we would just have to guess.  (It might be
that something is just missing in the CGI environment that your Lynx
version provides to the executables.  Some missing pieces have been
added in later versions.)

Btw. if the "embedded software" means that you are planning to distribute
binary lynx code, I hope you are aware that the GPL requires that you
also have to make the source available (including modifications).

If your situation is that you have been given some lynx(-derived) binary
without source access and have to reverse engineer it, then someone else
has violated the license (unless perhaps if it is from a very old code
base) and you should complain and let us know.


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