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lynx-dev patch: Textarea editing and charset

From: Marek Kubita
Subject: lynx-dev patch: Textarea editing and charset
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 10:04:58 +0200


about two weeks ago I have reported a bug in 2.8.2's textarea external
editing:  lines added in an external editor are always handled as
ISO-8859-1 text.  Now I have verified that the bug is still present in
2.8.3dev10 - here is one line patch for it:

*** GridText.c.283-dev10        Wed Sep 29 13:40:39 1999
--- GridText.c  Sat Oct  9 09:58:34 1999
*** 10663,10666 ****
--- 10663,10667 ----
      f->no_cache        = anchor->input_field->no_cache;
      f->disabled        = anchor->input_field->disabled;
+     f->value_cs        = anchor->input_field->value_cs;

      /*  Init all the fields in the new HTLine (but see the #if).   */

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Marek Kubita     

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