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RE: lynx-dev [PATCH][dev10] leakage in HTDoConnect

From: John Bley
Subject: RE: lynx-dev [PATCH][dev10] leakage in HTDoConnect
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 11:42:11 -0400

> Klaus Weide
> > if I read HTSprint0 correctly it's not meant to be
> > used for repeated calls on the same buffer.
> Ah so that is where the leaks are coming from that I was seeing.
> HTSprintf0 *used to* work fine with an already allocate buffer.
> So those two lines should be removed, unless someone knows a
> good reason for them.

That's exactly what I had suspected, based on the code, but
I figured I'd patch based on the more conservative conclusion.


John Bley
  "Inquisitors create heretics." - Umberto Eco

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