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lynx-dev 0x9A bug

From: Karel Kulhavy
Subject: lynx-dev 0x9A bug
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 11:01:08 +0200


I've found out that when I run lynx in -dump -raw mode, Lynx removes characters 
0x9A from the original source.

This bug is in version 2.7.1 as well as in version 2.8.2rel.1.

I have a html file  containing Czech text in cp1250 encoding. Some czech words 
contain char 0x9A which is
small letter 's' with caron. After running lynx -dump -raw on this local html 
file, the 0x9A character is left out
in the output, although the characters around this character forming the word 
are left untouched.


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