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lynx-dev Re: Review Copy

From: Webmaster Jim
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Review Copy
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 08:21:30 -0400

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 07:49:13AM -0400, Carol S. Holzberg, PhD wrote:
> I'm working on a Web Browser assignment from Smart Computing. It's a
> special issue of the PC Novice Learning Series called Internet Basics.
> I need a copy of the latest version of Lynx for Windows 98. I know I
> can download it but is there copy available on CD or floppy media that
> you could send.
> Do you have any special information for press people writing stories?

I can mail you the latest build, but downloading is quicker.  There is
no mass production of Lynx for Win32 on CD or floppy.

The only special information would be to publish the main lynx "portal"
site address of and to thank all of the hundreds of
volunteers who keep lynx going.

Marvin the Paranoid Android says:
The dew has clearly fallen with a particularly sickening thud this morning.

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