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Re: lynx-dev bad command or file name?

From: karen lewellen
Subject: Re: lynx-dev bad command or file name?
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 20:02:59 +0400

On 1999-09-29 address@hidden said:
  after all of the  copyright info, lynx gives
 ld>>the "bad command or file name" message seen in  dos.  it looks as
 ld>if i should edit one of the bat files but which one?
 ld>Depending on the version of lynx386 that you have, ftp may not be
 ld>built in. Telnet is never built in. Gopher and http should work
 ld>without problems. If you want ftp to work, you either need to set up
 ld>an external program to work via the "." key, or get a version based
 ld>on WATT-32, which supports ftp directly. For telnet to work, you
 ld>need a file, TELNET.BAT, which calls your telnet program. If you
 ld>need to write back, please let us know if your "lynx386 kit" is
 ld>Rene Ludwig's "lynx_kit" or Wayne Buttles' lynx386, and also the
 ld>version reported when you invoke "lynx -version".

how about this for a start.  i got this kit from the fdisk page:
in the area reserved for DOS programs.
this kit is labeled there as a version simmlar to bobcat, but for a 386 or
higher machine.  I have a 486.100 in any case, i believe it is meant to be a
complete kit.  does this one ring a bell?

 ld>For pointers to ftp programs, telnet.bat files, and a WATT-32 type
 ld>binary, see my site at:
 ld>""; or
 ld>Doug Kaufman
 ld>Internet: address@hidden (preferred)

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