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Re: lynx-dev bad command or file name?

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev bad command or file name?
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 19:07:09 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, karen lewellen wrote:

>  ld>>the "bad command or file name" message seen in  dos.  it looks as
>  ld>if i should edit one of the bat files but which one?

(quoting me)
>  ld>Depending on the version of lynx386 that you have, ftp may not be
>  ld>built in. Telnet is never built in. Gopher and http should work
>  ld>without problems. If you want ftp to work, you either need to set up
>  ld>an external program to work via the "." key, or get a version based
>  ld>on WATT-32, which supports ftp directly. For telnet to work, you
>  ld>need a file, TELNET.BAT, which calls your telnet program. If you
>  ld>need to write back, please let us know if your "lynx386 kit" is
>  ld>Rene Ludwig's "lynx_kit" or Wayne Buttles' lynx386, and also the
>  ld>version reported when you invoke "lynx -version".
> how about this for a start.  i got this kit from the fdisk page:
> in the area reserved for DOS programs.
> this kit is labeled there as a version simmlar to bobcat, but for a 386 or
> higher machine.  I have a 486.100 in any case, i believe it is meant to be a
> complete kit.  does this one ring a bell?

This sounds like you are using John Lewis's Bobcat386 package, which
uses Wayne Buttles' binary from several months ago with the bobcat
structure. Was the file you downloaded called "b386-e01.exe"? If so,
if you get "file not found" it suggests that the directory structure
may not be as planned. Did you alter any of the directory names or
arrangement after executing the self-extracting file? If I recall,
bobcat386 uses a lot of batch files to make multiple programs work
together. You may need to look into the batch files to see if a
directory specified in the file no longer is appropriate for you.

The comments in my previous post about looking at the pointers in
the file from my site still apply, but are not directly relevant
to the bobcat setup. If this is indeed the bobcat386 package that
you are using, you might get more knowledgeable responses from
the doslynx-dev mailing list where bobcat is supported, or if
that fails by writing direct to John Lewis. You can subscribe
to doslynx-dev by writing to address@hidden with the body
"subscribe doslynx-dev Your Name", where you put your real name
instead of "Your Name". To contact John Lewis, see his web site at:

It will still help if you tell us the version reported by 
"lynx -version".
>  ld>For pointers to ftp programs, telnet.bat files, and a WATT-32 type
>  ld>binary, see my site at:
>  ld>""; or
>  ld>"";

Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden (preferred)

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