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problems for blind users (was: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx)

From: Hataguchi Takeshi
Subject: problems for blind users (was: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 22:34:56 +0900 (JST)

E. Webb wrote:
> 990928 Brett Glass wrote:
> >> 990928 Klaus Weide wrote:
> >> Tell us more about your "new program for blind users"
> >> for which "Lynx is currently the best available code".
> > We seek to eliminate the many problems which blind users have
> > in using Lynx to browse the Web. Because of the way Lynx displays data
> > and redraws the screen, it is not optimal for the blind user.
> i don't remember any blind user of Lynx -- many have sent messages
> to lynx-dev during the past 3 years -- saying any such thing.
> to be convincing, you need to give more details of this.

I'm not blind but I suspect Lynx has some problems for blind 
users. I think Lynx should provide more information.

For Example...
  o linkname and URL where cursor is on
  o status radio button or checkbox where cursor is on
  o title of submit or cancel button where cursor is on
  o information of selection list (all item and selecting item)
  o what will happen when user presses a key

An experimental version of Lynx is here.

# Ouch! I've forgotten writing URL last time. :-<

I'm sorry that I've never tested Vocal-Eyes (it isn't in Japan).
I heard a Japanese Screen Reader for DOS didn't work 
with Lynx for Win32.
Takeshi Hataguchi
E-mail: address@hidden

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