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Re: lynx-dev Please Help

From: Lloyd G. Rasmussen
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Please Help
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:23:02 -0400

HAL95, your Windows screen reader, is looking for information on the screen
from a Windows program.  Lynx should be considered to be a program that
works in a DOS box, sometimes called the "console mode" because it is
text-mode.  I use Lynx/32 with Vocal-Eyes.  Others have used it with ASAP.
Some have also used it with the DOS screen-reading capability of Jaws for
Windows.  If you have a DOS screen reader which you can launch at the DOS
prompt before launching Lynx, you will probably be better off.  One more
thing:  because the keyboard is handled in a different way in these
console-mode programs, you should terminate your DOS box as soon as you
terminate Lynx.  Otherwise, your system, especially the DOS screen reader,
will be unstable.

At 08:38 PM 9/28/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi: I'm working in windows with "hal95" and "apollo". It happens when I want
>to use lynx for windows, it works perfectely but "hal95" doesn't read
>nothing. What can I do?

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