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lynx-dev bug: Textarea editing and charset

From: Marek Kubita
Subject: lynx-dev bug: Textarea editing and charset
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 23:21:16 +0200


I am using Lynx 2.8.2rel.1 and I have found a bug related to editing
textarea with an external editor:

If using other charset than iso-8859-1, the lines added in the editor have
eight-bit characters corrupted - they are translated before the submisson
like they were in iso-8859-1 charset. It is also visible in the trace log: 

UCSetTransParams: from iso-8859-2(17) to iso-8859-2(17)
SubmitForm: field "" 17 iso-8859-2 -> 17 iso-8859-2 OK
SubmitForm: name "" 17 iso-8859-2 OK
... same for first 4 lines of TEXTAREA ...
UCSetTransParams: from iso-8859-1(0) to iso-8859-2(17)
SubmitForm: field "" 0 iso-8859-1 -> 17 iso-8859-2 OK
SubmitForm: field "" 17 iso-8859-2 OK

This happens because insert_new_textarea_anchor() does not initialize
field's value_cs - it should be done somewhere after the comment

    /*  Just the (seemingly) relevant fields in the new FormInfo.  */

Testing form is at
-just copy some lines in an editor and submit it.

Please cc: replies to my e-mail address, I am not subscribed to lynx-dev

                           home: address@hidden
Marek Kubita     

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