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lynx-dev 283dev9 Borland build problems

From: Webmaster Jim
Subject: lynx-dev 283dev9 Borland build problems
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 14:49:06 -0400

I've built 2-8-3dev9 using Borland C++ 5.4 today and found one old
problem and one new one.  The old one is that errno is not defined by
the normal includes in the makefile.bcb definitions.  Again I have
simply defined errno as an int in xsystem.c.

The new problem is with current_codepage.  The #define for this has
changed in LYCurses.c, around line 1204 --

Was: #if defined(WIN_EX) && defined(NOTDEFINED)
Now: #if defined(WIN_EX) && defined(CJK_EX) /* 1999/08/26 (Thu) 17:53:38 */

This compiles in the next 3 lines, causing Borland to complain about
the codepage not being found --

        extern int current_codepage;    /* PDCurses lib. */
        if (current_codepage == 932)
            LYcols = COLS - 1;

Error: Unresolved external '_current_codepage' referenced 

I'm using the PDCurses 2.3 library I've used for several months.  To
get around this I used the define from dev7.  After I get to some other
things on my list including testing the EXE, I'll put the executable on
the web along with the README from "Scythe X" et al.

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