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Re: lynx-dev new encryption policy

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev new encryption policy
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 10:00:35 -0400 (EDT)

990918 David Woolley wrote: 
>> Any encryption software can now be exported under a license exception
>> after a technical review to commercial firms & non-government end users
>> in any country except for the seven state supporters of terrorism.
> This breaks the GPL, which doesn't allow you to prevent re-distribution
> to governments (or even to state sponsors of terrorism).

that's by no means clear: contract provisions of all kinds are usually void
if obeying them would involve a breach of criminal law (some of us believe,
of course, that Cuba & Iraq are victims a/a sponsors of state terrorism ... )

>> if the "technical review" could be gotten for Lynx,
>> does this help the SSL situation any?
> The technical review is likely to expensive,
> apply to only one version of the binary
> and not be valid for the source code.

it's quite unknowable what the `technical review' is supposed to be,
most probably a fig-leaf for the red faces of US law-enforcement cadres,
in which case we may find it becomes widely ignored for other software.

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