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Re: lynx-dev Questions on your DOS Browser

From: Eduardo Chappa L.
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Questions on your DOS Browser
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 09:03:18 -0700 (PDT)

*** Tom Burke (address@hidden) wrote on Sep 16, 1999:

:) Hello:
:) We are a manufacturer of DOS based portable bar code (laser) terminals.  I
:) am looking for a DOS Browser that we can run our terminal, which is a 486/33
:) based terminal with 8MB RAM.  We only have a 16 line by 20 character screen
:) (128x160 pixels), which is CGA graphics capable.  We also have only a 57-key
:) keypad.  We do run standard DOS 6.22 (Datalight).

The only part in the code that I know of that needs to have at least 22
lines in the display is in the option menu

File: src/LYOptions.c Lines 179 - 201, here's an example:

    if (LYlines < 22) {

Is this part of the old code for the options menu? Is this necessary
anyway ?


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