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lynx-dev <INPUT TYPE="file" ...

From: Tom Hall
Subject: lynx-dev <INPUT TYPE="file" ...
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 14:35:19 -0700

The help page says:
   However, Lynx does not yet support INPUTs with TYPE="file" or
   TYPE="range" and will set the DISABLED attribute for all of the form's
   fields if any INPUTs with either of those two TYPEs are present, so that
   the form can't be submitted. 

For the case where you don't want to send a file, would it be possible
(and easy) to have lynx send a nul file name, rather than have it set
all the form's fields to DISABLED ?

I want to submit a form for a web-based email service, which allows you
to put an attachment on your email, and unfortunately puts the
<INPUT TYPE="file" ... markup on the same page that you use to write
email, so lynx displays: "[FILE Input] (Not yet implemented.)"

Even if I don't want to submit an attachment, lynx is not able
to submit the form, so I can't send email.

Is there a "to do" list for lynx somewhere ?

Does anyone know when TYPE="file" is planned to be supported in lynx ?

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