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lynx-dev Editing text entry fields (was: Re: New editing key bindings)

From: Kim DeVaughn
Subject: lynx-dev Editing text entry fields (was: Re: New editing key bindings)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 14:07:34 -0800

On Sat, Nov 28, 1998, Philip Webb (address@hidden) said:
| 981128 Kim wrote:
| >
| > I *suspect* the problem is in the forms-handling code,
| > as opposed to the general key-handling code,
| > and I'm not familier with that at all.
| > Perhaps someone who is forms-wise can take a look at this,
| > as it really shouldn't be doing that, IMO.
| this is another reason for some public-spirited programmer
| finally to do the coding to allow normal editing of form entry fields.
| is it that difficult, incl a simple switch to disallow it for anon's?

I saw this suggeted in another message, and was going to reply to it,
but got called away, and then forgot to.

Lemee see if I understand what's being proposed ...

You're suggesting that whenever I come across some lines that are for some
textual information to be entered and returned to the hosting site, such as:


that I could instead of trying to use the indicated line(s), have my EDITOR
invoked, enter my input, and then when I've quit the editor, the text that
I provided from within the editor, would be "in" those lines?

If my interpretation is correct, that'd be a GREAT improvement, as the damn
lines provided are most always way too short, and too few, to see what I'm
actually entering.

Since I know very little about how such things are specified in the source
html, I do wonder though, if amount of text entered from an editor, might
not "overflow" the expected maximum that the page specified (if such is
indeed specified), in either lines or bytes.  Or is that not a problem ...?

And BTW, thanks to whomever did the EXTERNAL: stuff.  That nicely solves
the above problem when I come across a mailto: field that I want to respond
to (so long as I remember to trim the "mailto:"; string from the address :-) ).

| LP, you raised this thread: are you upto it (smile)?

Sounds good to me too, if the time's available ...!


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