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Re: lynx-dev fwd: ...translations

From: Webmaster Jim
Subject: Re: lynx-dev fwd: ...translations
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 14:45:26 -0500

On Fri, Nov 27, 1998 at 01:02:18PM -0300, Federico wrote:
> >I received the attached email from Francois and wanted to let the
> >Lynx-dev team know where we are. When Francois has the time, he will
> >help organize translation teams for Lynx support. In the meantime, I
> >will be looking at the newer gettext code he has referenced to see where
> >the template files could be improved.
> Hi. I've subscribe that list to help in the lynx spanish version. I'm from
> argentina and i wanna help in translate lynx to my native lenguage. I wanna
> know who is the organizer of that 'department'.
> address@hidden
> [and elsewhere wrote:]
> Hi! I'm from argentina, and i wanna help to translate lynx 2 spanish (my
> native lenguage)
> address@hidden
>  Comnet S.A.
> address@hidden
>  Unknown-d-menxion

We are trying to coordinate Lynx native language support through a group
known as the "Free Translation Project," who are also associated with
the GNU project. See the following URLs, and the lynx-dev archives for
prior discussions on this topic (the main idea here is that the GNU
folks want paper copies of dislaimers in order to freely republish your
translation efforts): [etc.]

Marvin the Paranoid Android.

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