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lynx-dev Textarea probls and wishes

From: Esa Pikkarainen
Subject: lynx-dev Textarea probls and wishes
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 10:22:44 +0300


I use Lynx from home via 9600 modem. (Maybe I am not last one in this 
situation...) Often I have to use www services that have forms with 
textarea fields. You know these are a little uncomfortable with Lynx 
if they have many rows. Once you step to a row you can only use up 
and down to navigate and with this modem it is annoying to go through 
some 20 rows. If I use "numbered links" the situation is alittle bit 
better because I can step to a certain row but when I am there I have 
again use onlu up and down - line by line. Isn't it possible to add 
some more possibilities here? I have at least two suggestions:

1) You could use a certain escape sequence (ctrl-a or something) to 
get a simple navigation menu with alternatives like: Next/Previous 
Page; Next/Previous field in form; Out from the form; To the Submit 
button; etc.

2) The whole Textarea could be editet in editor like comments and 
mailto: links; either in line editor or the user's specified Editor

Thank you
Esa Pikkarainen

Mr. Esa Pikkarainen      (Linnanmaa, Snelmania, room: KTK338)
Fac of Ed, Univ of Oulu     Tel:358-8-5533691   Fax: -5533744
P.O. Box 222, SF-90571 Oulu      E-mail: address@hidden
Finland       :-)      WWW:
Excuse me my bad English - I am not a native nor a daily user.

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