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lynx-dev Re: Lynx link

From: Al Gilman
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Lynx link
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 11:00:27 -0500 (EST)

to follow up on what Federico said:

> >> We're a ISP located in argentina, and we're setting up our new
> >> website. I wanna known if we can add a link to the lynx page,
> >> or a link to download lynx. We will need to add links to
> >> download the linux version and the win32 version. And i want to
> >> known if you can give us and icon of lynx to add in these
> >> links.
> >There is a GIF of a Lynx in the Win32 distribution bundle, for
> >example.
> The linx logo is that kinda tiger? Can i ask you why? :)

Because Lynx is identified by text, not by logo.  There is no
"Lynx logo."

> > Does anyone have a suitable GIF of the same image
> >that is in the lynx.ico icon?
> If u're interesed, i can ask to a friend of mine who make graphix to make a
> .ico for lynx

I like the .ico we have.   It is included in the Win32 distribution.

> >Federico: you can use the icon _only_ if you include ALT text
> ><grin>.
> Ok!
> >You can certainly include links to <> and
> >to the download sites.
> Thanx, we love support lynx
> >You might consider hosting a mirror site for distribution.  What
> >kind of bandwidth do your users get for accessing sites in North
> >America?
> I'll ask to the director of my company if he's interesend, but i hope he
> will accept
> >> Thanks for all and sorry about my english, my native lenguage
> >> is the spanish.
> >You can help us by preparing a Spanish language translation
> >of the distribution page, and perhaps the Spanish version of
> >the messages that Lynx shows the user as it runs.
> I'll don't have any problem in help you to make the spanish version of lynx.
> I'll glad to see lynx in spanish!

For this you will need to communicate with others working on
non-English messages.  Please either subscribe to lynx-dev
and continue communication by that list or subscribe to
lynx-dev-contrib and read the list archives for replies.

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