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lynx-dev (no subject)

From: Gail Strickler
Subject: lynx-dev (no subject)
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 16:01:39 -0500

hi--i can access the internet (with my 386 dos computer and kermit)by
dialing into my university's mainframe and logging on to the VAX system
there.  my question is this: from the vax, using lynx, can i read my
email from my email account with altavista?  or do i have to get onto a
p.c. that has web-based internet access?  the issue is: i have the
latter at work, and thus have the altavista email account, but only have
an dos 386 at home, although as i said , i can dial into the
university's mainframe, (brandeis), which i know supports lynx.

i tried the following command:  lynx
which did get me to this page, but i was unable to type in my account
number and password to actually get into the altavista email account.
am i doing something wrong?
any info would be appreciated,,,

thanks a lot,

gail strickler

(brandeis email)

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