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Re: lynx-dev Request for help

From: Kari E. Hurtta
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Request for help
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 14:50:32 +0200 (EET)

> Hello,
>       I have got lynx2-8-1 and have tried to install it for sgi-irix-6.2
> machine. Compilation is successful. I have this problem that, when I press
> "g" key, and type in "RETURN/ENTER" key, the value is not accepted. The
> cursor remains as it is. And once I use "g" key, the only way to come back
> is to use "CNTRL-G" key to cancel this request. That means that lynx is
> not recognizing "RETURN" key; Can you please suggest me how to solve the
> problem? Do I have to carryout some settings?
>       I am thankful if you can direct this to a news-group in case you
> choose not to reply to this mail. 

Is that occuring only when you use 'winterm'
(ie. you have $TERM as iris-ansi or iris-ansi-net') ?

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