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lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.5

From: dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.5
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 11:43:45 -0500 (EST)

1998-11-21 (2.8.2dev.5)
* modify HTLoadFile() to make compressed files work with OS/2 EMX and
  LYSystem() to convert forward slashes in pathnames to backslashes, also for
  EMX (patches by Ilya Zakharevich).
* documentation nits (aprostrophes) in lynx.cfg and userdefs.h - LV
* fix inconsistent newlines in po/it.po (report by address@hidden) - TD
* modify config.guess, added Intergraph 2430 CLIX machines (reported by Alex
  Matulich <address@hidden>) - TD
* minor fix in LYCharSets.c according to recent changes in UCDefs.h introduced
  by IBM OS/2 codepage number - LP
* modify configure script to work with --enable-nls built into a subdirectory
  of the source tree (reported by PG) - TD
* disable regeneration of intl/po2tbl.sed and po/POTFILES if --disable-nls
  configure option is specified - TD
* add configure test for stdarg.h vs varargs.h - TD
* fixes to work with SunOS K&R compiler - TD
* don't trim trailing and leading spaces from unformatted text lines in some
  cases (split_line in GridText.c).  Prevents corruption of some uuencoded
  files when they are displayed and then 'P'rinted (although 'D'ownload should
  be used instead) - KW
* some changes in HText_appendCharacter (GridText.c).  Splitting of long SOURCE
  lines now works with color styles - KW
* workaround for multiple anchors in the same (invalid) HTML document with the
  same NAME and different destinations (HTAnchor.c) - KW
* check for 'z'ap while constructing local directory listings (non-VMS only, in
  HTFile.c) - KW
* added a couple outofmem checks (HTAnchor.c).  Minor TRACE message change in
  GridText.c for -tlog / USE_TRACE_LOG disabled - KW
* when adding bookmark entries, don't accept a title string which appears to
  consist only of blank characters (LYBookmark.c).  When rendering a bookmark
  file, use hiddenlinks=merge counting, so that numbers after entries with
  empty titles don't get out of whack (GridText.c).  This should prevent 'R'
  from removing the wrong bookmark entry - KW
* prevent generation of some unnecessary temp files when constructing mailcap
  file test commands (HTInit.c) - KW
* include LYLeaks.h in UCdomap.c for memory leak detection - KW
* fixed various memory leaks (UCdomap.c, LYShowInfo.c, LYReadCFG.c, LYMain.c,
  LYDownload.c, LYBookmark.c, HTML.c, DefaultStyle.c) - KW
* escape '&' and '<' in HTML generated to display current lynx.cfg option
  values (LYReadCFG.c) - KW
* revert logic in split_line.  Emphasis highlighting that should extend over
  several lines was being lost at line breaks (GridText.c).  (IsSpecialAttrChar
  probably shouldn't return true for LY_SOFT_NEWLINE since in most places it
  tests whether to skip a character position, but as long as this special char
  is only used in SOURCE mode it cannot mess up any anchor positions so it
  should be ok.  - KW
* correct character counting in SOURCE display continuation lines.  A
  highlighted search target would be shown shifted left by one character
  position because the LY_SOFT_NEWLINE special was displayed as '+' but not
  counted (GridText.c) - KW
* prevent generation of invalid/unparseable comments if
  UCSaveBookmarksInUnicode is in effect, other minor changes in
  LYBookmark.c - KW
* correction for color styles in HText_appendCharacter (GridText.c).  At some
  point a memmove was replaced by a for loop, but source and destination were
  reversed and the counter was wrong - KW
* modify HTSprintf/HTSprintf0 to use a more generic approach to varargs by
  using only va_alist in the parameter list - TD
* correct html expression in LYShowInfo.c of dev.3 which did not allow the temp
  file with the lynx.cfg settings to be accessed from the Configuration
  Definitions page (patch by Ismael Cordeiro).
* correct "Exiting" message format in cleanup_sig(), which had unexpanded %d
  (reported by BJP) - TD
* add to config.hin the definitions set by AM_GNU_GETTEXT macro (PG pointed
  out that this also sets 'inline', needed for GNU gettext) - TD
* modify MakeNewTitle() to check for null pointer, fixing core dump with
  verbose images when value[src_type] is null (reported by John Bley
  <address@hidden> for 2.8.1rel.2) - TD

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