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lynx-dev Request for help(Contd.)

From: K.R.Shamasundar
Subject: lynx-dev Request for help(Contd.)
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 23:00:38 +0530

       This is in continuation with my earlier email. There is a "key 
remapping" problem. The lynx is writing into stderr, the message,

key remapping of 0x00 to RIGHT_LINK failed
key remapping of 0x00 to LEFT_LINK failed
key remapping of 0x00 to DO_NOTHING failed

I had enabled these keys in lynx.cfg file by removing the hashes.

The message is coming from,

file : src/LYReadCFG.c

which in turn can be traced to "LYKeymap.c" file : routine - remap

The problem may be with our local system. But, I am using lynx browsers of
lower versions without any problem, on the same system.

Please help me solve the problem.


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