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lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.4

From: dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.4
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 14:49:16 -0500 (EST)

Except for Klaus' patch from Saturday, I think this is all of the submitted
patches that I had in my queue.  (I'm sure there's some that I missed).

1998-11-18 (2.8.2dev.4)
* change default for configure option of NLS (gettext) to disabled until we
  finish porting it to implementations other than GNU gettext.  Also,
  change default for include-gettext configure option to "with" - TD
* suppress cookie-storing if the value is null - BJP
* ifdef'd alternative set of line-edit bindings with EXP_ALT_BINDINGS, add
  configure option --enable-alt-bindings, rename DELEOL to DELEL, remove
  binding of DELEL to '\'. - TD
* add alternative set of line-edit bindings to change the behavior of the ^B
  and ^F line editor bindings to provide emacs/tcsh like behavior (cursor
  left/right), instead of "word" deletes.  Corrected a bug in the ^R (LYE_DELN)
  function, which is described as "delete next character", but was in fact
  performing identically to ^D (LYE_DELC) "delete current character".  Added a
  function called LYE_DELEL, which does the expected thing, and deletes
  from the current cursor position, to the EOL. 
  New bindings:
    ^B = LYE_BACK   cursor backwards 
    ^F = LYE_FORW   cursor forwards 
    ^K = LYE_DELEOL delete to end-of-line 
    ^T = LYE_DELNW  delete next word 
    ^X = LYE_DELPW  delete previous word 
    ^^ = LYE_UPPER  upper case line (not active when kbd-layout binding is)
    ^_ = LYE_LOWER  lower case line 
  (Kim DeVaughn <address@hidden>).
* modify to show address to submit to on the statusline when in advanced user
  mode.  Also fixes one small typo in LYMainLoop.c.  (suggested by
  <address@hidden>) - BJP
* modify HTParseInet() so that it works if stdin has been redirected to
  /dev/null, e.g., when running a cron job (reported by John H.  DuBois III
  <address@hidden>) - BL
* minor documentation updates to lynx.cfg (Larry Virden).
* change some character constants from '\hex' and '\octal' form to decimal,
  to pursuade compilers that upper-128 compares are legal - TD
* ifdef'd KEYBOARD_LAYOUT with EXP_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT, add configure option
  --enable-kbd-layout.  Note that control/Y is used as a process suspend
  character on some platforms (VMS and Solaris) - TD
* implement EXP_CHARTRANS_AUTOSWITCH for OS/2 EMX (Sergey Svishchev).
* add 'a' response when printing a file to allow append rather than overwrite
  (Sergey Svishchev).
* add KEYBOARD_LAYOUT to lynx.cfg, to support character-translation on input,
  add missing line editing style selection to Options form.  This is enabled
  and disabled by the line edit control/Y (Sergey Svishchev <address@hidden>).
* use exit_immediately() to reduce some signal-function clutter - LP
* correct dependency in src/ for cfg_defs.h (Masashi Fujita
* change quoted includes in intl directory to bracketed includes - TD

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