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Re: lynx-dev Trouble With Proxy-Server

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Trouble With Proxy-Server
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 18:22:30 -0500 (EST)

981109 Juan Gutmann wrote: 
> I'm a Lynx Fanatic. I use it a lot at Home, under Linux and Windows 98
> At the office, I have the following problem:
> The Web connection is thru a proxy-server. So, I edited lynx.cfg, 
> added the proxy server address to the corresponding protocols.
> I'm under Windows95 there, using the Lynx 2.8.1 Win32 binaries from l.b.o.
> my username at the Proxy Server has the form "lastname-firstname",
> so i call lynx this way:  lynx.exe -pauth=lastname-firstname:mypassword ,
> and it doesn't work, because the username has an "-" in it,
> lynx assumes "-firstname" is a switch & the complete username isn't received.
> I can't change the username: the administrator won't change my username
> to anything withouth "-", because that's the standard in the company.
someone else may have more technical suggestions,
but there might be a way of escaping the  - :
have a look in Al Gilman's FAQs in the Main Help Page;
or could you perhaps try  -pauth=`lastname-firstname' .

also, to lynx-dev more generally:
shouldn't Lynx look for  <space>-  to start a new switch, a/a just  - ?

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