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Re: another pitch for internationalization [was Re: lynx-dev idea regard

From: brian j. pardy
Subject: Re: another pitch for internationalization [was Re: lynx-dev idea regarding 'Submit' links]
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 22:28:07 -0800

Nelson Henry Eric wrote:
> > Adds a few extra entries to LYMessages_en.h that'll need to be propagated
> LYMessages_en.h is a dinosaur now that NLS is in the making.  Before
> Jim's work gets too far out of sync, it would be nice to have it in
> place.  BUT, what'll happen to DOS/Win32?  Is there anyone who thinks
> the include mechanism is the better way to go?  Since Tom has started
> 2.8.2dev, this is the time to make the plunge!  Those who have a stake
> in native language support, this is the time to speak up -- and loudly!

I had no real idea where else to put these. I did toss them into
LYMessages_en.h because that seemed to be where everything else is. 

As soon as someone tells me what I can do with my user-visible patches to
help internationalization, I'll start doing it.

(And on a side-note, perhaps full internationalization might be considered
to be a large enough change to merit bumping up to (at least) 2.9...)

Government's Law:
        There is an exception to all laws.

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