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Re: lynx-dev -cookie_file problem

From: brian j. pardy
Subject: Re: lynx-dev -cookie_file problem
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 20:31:13 -0800

Mike Castle wrote:
> Amazingly enough brian j. pardy said:
> > On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Leonid Pauzner wrote:
> > > Currently, cookie file stored in .lynxrc when you save
> > > from the Options menu (automatically).
> > > 
> > > I feel command line switches (if any) should override
> > > values from .lynxrc to give user more flexibility.
> > > Currently not:
> > > in LYMain.c read_rc() at line 1380,
> > > but parse_arg() in lines 608, 1349, 1362.
> > Unless there's some other reason to keep things as they are, I agree.
> If an option is overridden by the command line, then user goes into the
> options menu and saves it, will the value from the command line switch be
> the new default?
> What should the semantics behind this be?


I'd say that a command-line option should pretty much be "this session 
only", and the options menu should reflect the current saved options.

We might be evenly divided on this, though -- I can't think of compelling
reasons to make it either specific way.


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