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Re: lynx-dev Re: International version up to 2.8.1rel.2

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: International version up to 2.8.1rel.2
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 20:53:01 +0900 (JST)

> > Got the following fatal error (SunOS4.1.3):
> > cd po && make CC="gcc" make: Fatal error in reader: makefile, line
> > 132: Macro assignment on dependency

Any idea at all what this is?  How I might work around it?

> Lynx.pot was generated by running: xgettext -f /j/files.t -F -j -p po
> -d lynx
> where files.t contains the hopefully complete list of modules
> containing

This is good info to know.  Thanks.

> The gmo file is the machine specific language object.  The po
> generates code intended for gcc, which I had to use under
> Digital UNIX to build that directory.

I guess I was a bit too optimistic about all this.  Should I be working
on getting the po directory to compile first, and then go to Lynx?  The
intl directory seemed to successfully compile, which maybe got my hopes
up too high.

> Michael T. Smith <address@hidden> told me this about Solaris:
> > I've been fixing CSuite il8n on Solaris for the past few days. The

The rest of this is WAY beyond my capabilities.  Other than join the
address@hidden, which I did, is there anything I can be doing?  I'll have to
do much of the work on SunOS4.1.3, at least initially.  Later I will get
back on to the Solaris2.6 available to me.

> > duplicate strings) -- apologies if it's too large for your
> > mailbox. On Solaris make sure you run
> >     msgfmt -v -o lynx.po

So this is how to make the *.gmo file?  Where do you come by msgfmt?

> > then copy into (LOCALEDIR)/fr/LC_MESSAGES/.
> > I forget where in Lynx LOCALEDIR is defined; we use
> > /var/csuite/intl/locale/ but /usr/locale or /usr/local/locale is
> > probably the default.

I assume all of this can be done within my $HOME directory?

> I'm still learning how to set this all up. I had picked a few
> languages

If you have any hints, throw'em my way.  I'm totally lost.

> *VERY IMPORTANT* [download, read, sign and snail-mail this to FSF:]

Downloaded and read.  Will complete soon.


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