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Re: [2.8.1rel.2] lineedit cleanup/enhancement (was: Re: lynx-dev [lynx2.

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: [2.8.1rel.2] lineedit cleanup/enhancement (was: Re: lynx-dev [lynx2.8.1rel.2] lineedit bug fix (and enhancement))
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 10:36:23 -0800

Kim DeVaughn wrote:

> The attached patch now removes the redundent LYE_DELC case code from
> LYStrings.c, and add the new LYE_DELEOL case (which deletes characters
> from the current cursor position, thru the end-of-line).
> Default binding for DELEOL is ^\ (formerly a NOP).

On almost all Unix systems, ^\ is, by default, the `quit' character.  It
sends SIGQUIT, which causes most programs to dump core (that's its
purpose).  This can be blocked by ignoring SIGQUIT.

I find no references to SIGQUIT in the Lynx source, including in your
patch.  Hitting ^\ in my (un-patched) Lynx causes it to dump core, as

This isn't a good default binding, as it will cause problems on a large
percentage of the systems that use Lynx.  Fixing it by blocking SIGQUIT
wouldn't be good either -- it exists for good reason (e.g. to be able to
generate a dump from a hung Lynx, for analysis).

I don't object to the feature, just the default binding...


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