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Re: lynx-dev [lynx2.8.1rel.2] lineedit bug fix (and enhancement)

From: Dick Wesseling
Subject: Re: lynx-dev [lynx2.8.1rel.2] lineedit bug fix (and enhancement)
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 21:48:00 +0100

address@hidden said:
> | Actually, that is Fotes binding and my comment. I'm using
> BestBinding.
> What is "BestBinding"? 

Well, of course there is no such thing as "best" binding, it is a matter
of personal preferences what is best. Personally I prefer function keys
to be grouped by direction and function. E.g. ^D to move a word to the 
left and ^F to move a word to the right. I don't like mnemonics key
names such as ^B for back and ^F for forward. First, because that
should be ^A and ^V ("achteruit" and "vooruit" in case you don't speak 
Dutch). Second, the designers of the qwerty keyboard did not have 
cursor movement in mind, or else B and F would be next to each other.

> Perhaps I should take a look at it, if it is publically available.

> And as long as I'm doing a bit of cleanup in this area, let me
> reiterate the question I asked previously:
>  "is there some rationale for all the trailing whitespace in  
> LYEditmap.c:LYLineeditNames[] for the "Default Binding     "
> string?"

This served to align items in the Options screen. The line edit style 
is now on a line by itself, but I seem to remember that it once shared 
a line with another item that was to the right of it.

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