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Re: lynx-dev Re: Lynx with GNU gettext NLS support

From: Karl Eichwalder
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Lynx with GNU gettext NLS support
Date: 05 Sep 1998 19:23:21 +0200

Sorry, for my delay to answer your mail.

Webmaster Jim <address@hidden> writes:

|   > |
|   > |


|   I've included some Italian supplied by Sabato De Rosa in the Lynx
|   News reader/sender modules. I figured this would be a good test of
|   the code.  I noticed that Sabato had translated "Y/N" to "S/N," but
|   the Lynx code still expects Y or N.

If I remember me right, it's not gettext's job to manage this special
case; but I may be wrong.  Isn't there a special locale?  Perhaps,
Ulrich Drepper will comment this issue.

|   I will be reading up on that part of NLS.
|   Different parts of the Lynx code use various techniques for message
|   writing, including the macros in LYMessages_??.h, fprintf(), addstr(),
|   and PUTS() in the WWW library code. All seem functional with the gettext
|   hooks.
|   I tested a local Usenet post with the language set to "it," and some but
|   not all prompts were translated. The it.po file has a few empty messages
|   because I had no Italian strings. Other messages may be sent from the
|   NNTP server, not to mention "From" and "Subject" probably need to be
|   left alone.

Yes, you've to be careful not to "tag" these keywords.

May I ask you to submit the message catalog "lynx.pot" to the "Free
Translation Project" <address@hidden>?  You'll quickly see
new l10n message files:

   Linkname: François Pinard

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