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lynx-dev alternative dired that reads/displays TITLE tag text

From: tan
Subject: lynx-dev alternative dired that reads/displays TITLE tag text
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 13:43:40 -0600


Has anyone ever heard of a directory browser that reads and displays the
title text in the html files in a local directory, rather than the file's
name? It would seem like a natural for Lynx's dired feature.

I store most information on my hard disk in HTML form. I periodically run a
perl script which creates an HTML file (called "toc.html") in each
directory. Each "toc.html" file contains:

- a list of links to all HTML files in the directory
        - link text = the file's title text
- a list of links, each pointing to the toc.html file in each 
        subdirectory in the directory
- a link to the next higher directory's toc.html file
        - <a href="../_toc.html">up one level</a>
- a link to the dired file of the current directory
        - <a href="./">...this directory</a>

These toc.html files give me much more information about each file in a
directory than the filename does. (My html files' title text tends to be
long and as descriptive as I can make them.)
It would be great if Lynx's dired feature - or an alternative "dired-html"
feature - did this for me.

   * such a "dired-html" would
          + glean the title text from each .html file in the directory
               o whenever
                    # the user moved to the dir (using dired)
                    # and the file had been modified since the last time
                      the user was in the dir
          + display
               o the title text instead of the file name in the dired
               o the title alone (without the other info dired shows)

Has this ever been discussed?

Please copy any replies to  cc: address@hidden I read the list at the
archive (rather than subscribing to the list).

Tom Newman              address@hidden
the tan pages

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