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Re: lynx-dev Black background wanted

From: John Poltorak
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Black background wanted
Date: Fri, 29 May 98 14:35:39 +0000

> >>>>> "JP" == John Poltorak <address@hidden> writes:
> JP> I'm using Lynx 2.7.2 for OS/2 which probably uses NCURSES, and I have
> JP> TERM set to ansi-color-2, which defaults to blue background.
> JP> How do I change this, or any other colour setting?
> Use ansi-color-3, 

That seems to have done it, although I would really like to use the
same colours which I use in elm, emacs, less, man etc. These programs
are set up to use the ANSI term from termcap.dat whose format is
completely different from the terminfo files which come with Lynx.
...maybe there is some sort of conversion facility.

> or rewrite your terminfo files,

No idea how to do that...

> or use Lynx 2.8.

Still struggling to get an ncurses library built under OS/2...

> Lynx 2.7.2 doesn't support user-defined color with ncurses.  The
> binary distribution of 2.8 for OS/2 (once I can recover it from my
> non-working ZIP drive) is built with color-styles, making setting your
> colors quite simple (though with the current os/2-ncurses build,
> 1.9.9g, background colors don't work _quite_ right.)  Until I can get
> that binary distribution out, you'll have to configure and compile it
> yourself; the current experimental source distribution compiles fine
> out of the box if you have the other necessary pieces (autoconf, ash
> or pdksh, and ncurses).
> BTW, the 2.7.2 port for OS/2 is none of my doing; when it came out I
> was busy working on porting the 2.8 developmental code.  The 2.7.2
> port seems to be based on my patches for 2.7.1, but I've heard a lot
> of reports of it not running at all.

I'll bear that in mind if I have any problems, but it seems to work ok
for me as a novice user - I'm slowly weening myself off Netscape.
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