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Re: lynx-dev about lynx.cfg

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev about lynx.cfg
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 08:21:36 +0100 (BST)

> hello, I'm a new user of lynx, I have two questions:
> 1) How can I see the hidden files with lynx (in DIRED mode?) (files that
> begin with ".")?

This may or may not be relevant.

    # If NO_DOT_FILES is TRUE (normal default via userdefs.h), the user will not
    # be allowed to specify files beginning with a dot in reply to output 
    # prompts, and files beginning with a dot (e.g., 
    # will not be included in the directory browser's listings.  If set FALSE, 
    # can force it to be treated as TRUE via -restrictions=dotfiles.  If set 
    # and not forced TRUE, the user can regulate it via the 'o'ptions menu (and
    # may save the preference in the RC file).

> 2) I can't find the file lynx.cfg , is it possible for the configuration 
> file to have other name than lynx.cfg? Is there a command in UNIX to find
> a file? Please help me on finding this file, I'm desperate, I tried all I

find on most systems and locate on many.   I believe this information is
also contained in the trace output on recent versions and you can always 
try string lynx | grep \\.cfg

> know to find it.
> Another question : Can I install Wget without having root rights?


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