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Re: lynx-dev about lynx.cfg

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev about lynx.cfg
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 16:40:19 -0400 (EDT)

980527 Foteos Macrides wrote: 
> If you start Lynx in TRACE mode (-trace),
> the full paths for the cfg and the system and personal mailcap
> and extension (suffix) configuration files are included
> at the top of the trace log.

this is a rarely mentioned bit of Lynx lore,
unlikely to be known by ordinary novice users who can't find  lynx.cfg .
why not add the locations of these files -- at least  lynx.cfg  --
to the Current Link page called up by  = ?
they could appear at the top of the page with the version number
or if that spoils page lay-out then at the end.
it should be easy programming: tell me where to look & i might try.

> The trace log output of this information in v2.8
> unfortunately has gotten messy and intersperced with other information,
> so that it takes more hunting to find the paths in the trace log,
> but fortunately the paths are still there.

the trace log is NOT the place for ordinary users to find this information,
tho' it could be left there for quick reference by debug workers.
> This was intended to be the standard, efficient
> and cross-platform way of getting this information,
> without need to use less efficient, platform-specific utilities.
> This is a very Frequently Asked Question.

the intention was very good,
but the average FAQ'er isn't going to look there.
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